Men 'still earning more than women', research suggests

06 Apr 2023

Research carried out by the BBC has suggested that men are still earning more than women in most UK companies.

The BBC found that the gender pay gap currently sits at 9.4%, which is the same level as recorded in 2017/18.

By law, any employer with 250 or more employees must report their gender pay gap data on a specific date each year. Companies, charities and public sector departments must report their data to the gender pay gap service and publish the information on their website.

Employers who fail to report on time or report inaccurate data are subject to enforcement action by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC). The gender pay gap is different from equal pay: equal pay means that men and women performing equal work, or work of equal value, must receive equal pay.

The BBC's research suggested that the banking sector was among the worst offenders. Women working in this sector earn, on average, 22% less than men.